We can make solder stencils!
Engineering Experts has invested in a stencil
cutting machine that is capable of cutting
mylar, polyimide, and many other types of
materials with resolution smaller than 0.5mm pin
Power + USB at the same time
We added 3D printing capability!
The ability to make almost instant 3D
prototypes is amazing.  Our machine build area
is up to 9" X 6" X 6" and has layer accuracy to
0.1mm.  This capability is a must for quick
prototypes and beating the competition to
Everywhere you look there seems to be a
new tablet computer being marketed... but
can you use USB peripherals and charge at
the same time with one port?  Check it out!
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Engineering Experts is an electronics design business that has 20+ years of experience designing, building, testing, and manufacturing consumer electronics.  We have a vast toolbox filled with many software and hardware tools that make prototyping hardware and software fast and efficient.  Our experiences range from  design concepts to manufacturing the final product.  We would love to help you succeed with your design today!
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